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Granite Barbell is a gym for everyone.  Within minutes of Middletown and Goshen, we are centrally located in Orange County, New York and offer personal training and equipment ranging from kettle bells to strongman equipment. Increase your strength and fitness.  Learn how to squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press and more. Ask about pricing. Call/text  (845) 239 6570 or email


Gym Membership

Monthly gym membership fee. Special discount for military, police, fire department, state employees and students. Ask about pricing. Call/text  (845) 239 6570 or email


Personal Training

Personal training is for ANYONE interested in health and fitness. Sports specific and personalized training to achieve your goals. Personal training by appointment. Ask about pricing. Call/text  (845) 239 6570 or email




Strongman/Strongwoman Saturday Group

Are you new to Strongman/Strongwoman strength training? Saturday groups provide an introduction to utilizing equipment. Learn the basics and weightlifting style lifts via this 10 session training program for beginners. Sessions start at 9:00AM.  You can come in any Saturday. Sessions don’t have to be consecutive. Ask about pricing. Call/text  (845) 239 6570 or email


Online Strength and Fitness Programming

This 12 week Online Strength and Fitness Program includes phone consultation and individualized programming. Train with us online.  A personal trainer offers individualized strength and fitness programming and is always just a phone call away. Ask about pricing. Call/text  (845) 239 6570 or email

Sign up for Personal Training and/or Strength and Fitness Programming. Call/Text 845.239.6570 or email me.

To all of my friends, if you or your family are interested in getting fit or training specific for a sport. This is the place and Brett is the guy. Kyle went to Brett for football to build up his strength and agility, Becca went to Brett to work on her legs and core muscles in the off season and what a difference she sees and feels after a long day on the horse. Me, I went and now I’ve competed in a Strongman competition. Who would have thought that. Lol this is a family oriented place with a trainer who will help you meet your goal, what ever that may be. Dawn-Lyn

I feel stronger every workout … please contact Brett Somerville. His programming has done wonders for me in just a short period of time. I’ve only been doing his programming for 11 weeks and I’m going to attempt a 700 pound dead lift already next week and I’ve set PRs in strict presses and clean and presses and….you know I could go on and on…..get after it and start making gains with one of the nicest guys in the business.  Brett Somerville for president!!!!:)

Matt Amendola

Thank you Brett Somerville for a great workout today! If anyone is looking for a gym with great one on one training, check them out! Katrina M

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